Thursday, July 23, 2009


Well this is pretty accurate considering my oldest daughter has a name that was popular in the early 1900's for French males - Jules

And my youngest daughter's name is Lydia. I also liked the name Olivia but that is gaining rapid popularity and I do NOT want my kids to be another Jennifer. It sucks having numbers tacked on to the end of your name.

I also didn't want to name my children by grabbing 5-7 scrabble tiles out of the Crown Royal bag. So yeah...

You Like Names that Are Retro and Fashionable

You like names that are from the past but becoming modern again.

Names with a strong history are very appealing to you.

You're a big believer in giving children very adult sounding names.

You're not a fan of nicknames or newfangled spellings.

Some female names you might like: Audrey, Emma, Fiona, Georgia, Isabelle, Naomi, Rosemary, and Veronica

Some male names you might like: Brendan, Colin, Ethan, Jared, Kenneth, Martin, and Nathaniel


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