Thursday, September 30, 2010

My first messenger bag!

I followed this tutorial.

It's pretty basic.  I didn't want to try and shove a bunch of buttons and/or zippers in.  Maybe next time.  I'm just trying to learn slowly, but surely!

I picked up this really beautiful yellow fabric at a garage sale a couple weeks ago.

It's really flimsy =(  I need thicker interfacing.  Also, that little pucker on the right hand side of the bag near the strap is totally annoying.  But I was feeling lazy.  It's a practice bag, ffs. 

I figured I could add in a little pocket.  That's simple enough. The black lining is made from an old bedsheet.  Damn that's crafty.

And now we know it will hold two books that I'll never leave the house with.  Although they are excellent books!


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